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    I don’t actually view. I listen to the videos like, Eli has said previously, as though they are a radio broadcast. Working in a datacenter, the whir of the server fans can become tiresome. I’ve been listening to his videos since about 2011/2012.

    I’ve found that the long-form content is best. It usually takes him a few minutes to get down to meat and potatoes of the subject. His “radio show” is great for when I’m diagnosing a Host, terminating cable, writing code, or configuring switches.

    The combination of quasi-crazy banter and tech insight is the right blend of informative and entertaining; the perfect thing to listen to while grinding out 60 hr work weeks in a football field sized cement box with 50k servers.

    Please post why you view the content that Eli provides in the comments below.

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    In all honesty I cannot even remember why or how I started listenning to Eli. I am not huge youtube fan in general, I use it mainly to listen to music.

    I mostly listen to him at night before bed, or in the morning before I go to work (4-5am). For some reason I feel really calmed and reassured every time I hear his voice (yeah it was hard for me when he tried written post only). I sometime feel like he is me in 10y, I agree with him 99% of the time. I have no idea who he really his, but what he says totally resonates with me.

    I’ve sometime used his video to help explain some stuff about life and whatnot to my friends, and they’ve all told me he sound a lot like me 😀

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    I view him to get insight on someone more knowledgable on tech than myself. I enjoy his experience and acknowledgement for truth even when society does not desire it.

    Eli is a catalyst for my understanding of programming, ethical hacking and networking. I joined this website to get a faster and deeper understanding of all 3 of these.

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    Martin Lehner

    I’ve watched a lot of tech vlogs. I’m part of many IT groups on different platforms (Facebook, etc). I’ve been on Spiceworks for many years. Honestly – there isn’t even a platform (let alone a single person) that I believe has as good an understanding on the real world as Eli does. Everything from the business advice to the client advice to the personal development advice, it’s all bang on.

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    I listen on Podbean.

    My dad hugged me too much. Kidding.

    I listen mostly for the entrepreneurial banter. I already know PHP, but I listen to be supportive of that. The rest is good entertainment and more thoughtful and thought provoking than the majority of content out there. It’s worth my money.

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