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    Hello there

    I’m looking for help with using Podbean to access Eli’s content. Podcasts are my preferred medium for accessing content. I like to download it to my mp3 player and take a walk; leaving my phone at home.

    However when I click on the Available on Podbean link on the homepage and log into my podbean account, I can find the podcast but I can’t download it. I get prompted with the following:

    The server failednormal.podbean.com is asking for your username and password. The server reports that it is from “Login to Premium Podcast Channel”.

    I have the basic user account, not the premium.

    Is it the case that even though I’m a paid up member of failednormal, I still need to pay podbean to get a premier account in order to download the failednormal podcasts?

    I’m just checking in case I’m missing something really obvious here which is very likely.

    Thanks for any help,

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    Yes, as far as I know, Podbean is a separate service with a separate charge.

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    Yep, you can pay 5 dollar on Failed Normal to view the content on the website or you can pay 5 Dollar to download the same content from Podbean. If you want both options you have to pay for both services. I think the reason is that you cannot link Failed Normal accounts to Podbean accounts …

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    videos older than 50 should be freely available on Podbean, the newer ones are $5 per month

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