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    Today I wrote my tests first! It’s been great really. It has made the progressing experience very smooth. I do not have to interrupt my concentration to stop and test things on the fly, because I can run a test any time I want by pushing a button.

    Yup, I think I am pretty much sold on writing tests first, for now!

    Do you write your tests first? Do you write tests at all?

    What else do you do to find your flow?

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    TDD and BDD have become favored topics of mine in the software development realm. It’s given me some ideas on how to build out a few project ideas I have, the only thing keeping me from starting is another obligation I currently have on my plate.

    I didn’t use to write tests first, but now I do. For finding my flow, I make sure I have a clear plan of actionable items I can tackle on my to-do list for whatever phase of a project I’m building out. Combined with my Linux workflow, I’m quite happy with the system I’ve managed to build out for myself.

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    I’m still relatively new to development, but I’d like to develop good habits early. Are there any good resources you’d recommend for learning good TDD practices?

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