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    The current forum is good but pretty basic. It would be nice to have more features and mobile friendly. I have been following Discourse (https://www.discourse.org/) and it seems promising. Would love to hear your thoughts.

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    Luis Guzman

    I’ve test it with WP on our site, and it works great.
    It requires some level of knowledge to install but completely worth it.

    I like the fact that it already integrates with the Android app, it’s rather easy to maintain.

    Eli might see it as not part of the work, something that has/reports enough value to the platform as many other things do. And to be honest, the idea is great, but if you are later required to moderate 300 users, 1,000, etc. You wonder yourself, is this really valuable?

    Anyhow, Discourse great option 😉

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      Yup. Maybe Eli will look into it.

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    Andrei Telteu

    I use discourse a lot and it’s great. However, I think is not very easy to integrate it with wordpress. Eli will have to find some plugins to integrate those two platforms, otherwise anyone will be able to use the forum without failednormal membership.

    And since we don’t really use this forum that much, I think Eli will not do this. The ROI is low.

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    Ah but, maybe we would use the forum more if it was easier to use. 🙂 I say this whole website needs some serious usability love..

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    I doubt the forum will change much although who knows what the future may bring. Activity on the forums would have to come more from the users. Eli has mentioned before he’s not really into forums nor is he interested in trying to moderate them.

    I’d be curious to see what the future brings though.

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