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    Hey guys,
    so I wanted to ask a question…I’m currently on my summer break from school after finishing up my first year in college, majoring in Mechatronic Engineering. I chose Mechatronics because I wanted to work on complex machines (robotics, etc), primarily with the electronics that operate those machines. However, I chose Mechatronics instead of Electrical/Electronic Engineering because I figured I need to learn the Mechanical side of robotics aswell, as it’s the most important part that many people neglect. Not to mention, I personally believe that Mechatronic Engineers (multidisciplined) will grow in demand in the coming years. After taking a mechanical class my 2nd semester in college (although I did somewhat enjoy it), it has only confirmed that I REALLY have no interest/passion for the mechanical side of things and I’m just naturally more inclined towards electronics and programming. So should I switch my major to Electrical/Electronic Engineering or stick it out with Mechatronics? Am I just at a point along the way where I’m just in doubt, and not really wanting to switch my major? Or should I actually go ahead with what my current mind is telling me? Please help me make this decision, thanks.

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    Just flip a coin and trust fate….

    nobody knows the future anyway..


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    I like Mechatronics a lot, too.

    Currently, most jobs won’t care that much which major your degree is in. Pursue the STEM degree that you most enjoy and when you’re done hiring managers will appreciate your enthusiasm for that specialty.

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