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    As part of a business venture, I am going to need to analyze client data on my own machine. I anticipate the max file size would be along the order 1-2 GB and probably a lot less. However, the nature of the data would be highly confidential with personal information so obviously privacy and security concerns are a must. I’m not a administrator (though know my way around linux a bit) and am looking for a simple, low-hassle, and ideally, cost-effective solution. Does anyone on here have any recommendations about where I should look?

    Does AWS or Azure offer something like this? I’ve done some searching, but can’t find much that directly corresponds to my needs. At my full-time job, we use a ‘data portal’, but from what I read, this is somewhat outdated and we are a large corporation.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated, thank you!!

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    AWS would probably be overkill. Something like Google Drive or some other file sharing service would be cheap and easy to do file sharing.

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    Hmmmm OK. That’s similar to what I’ve read. If security is the thing, just encrypt it and send it however.. I’m mainly concerned with other peoples sense of security but OK, thank you..

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