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    Hi, I’m an old fan of Eli The Computer Guy (or now known as Failed Normal Redux), and he used to do videos of questions answered, that are emailed to him from fans.
    I have this one question that I’m dying to get advice on from Eli, and I bought a membership on this site so that I can see if I could ask him the question, but I can’t find his contact info anywhere.
    Could someone help?

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    And it’s not covered in any of the other videos?

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    I don’t really answer questions anymore. This forum only exists because people said they wanted one, and it took me 10 minutes to setup. I check it about once a week.

    Though I’ve been practicing on my psychic abilities and believe I can answer you question without you even asking!

    Answer 1: Butter Brickle
    Answer 2: It’s Mommy and Daddy issues go get some therapy
    Answer 3: Ask your boss

    Having done hundreds of one on one conversations with viewers I swear to the Spaghetti Monster that one of those 3 answers will answer 99.99% of any question people would ask me.

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    Hey Eli would you do live one on one conversations again?

    I learned a skill from a paid group a while back and part of their education program was live consulting. I feel I have learned the skills well enough to teach others. I have been looking for work and was considering starting a website of my own and doing live one on one consultations.

    Any suggestions or tips?


    Butter Brickle sounds tasty
    Mom and Dad are cool
    Boss retired and won’t talk with me

    just joking 🙂

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