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    Hello friends!

    I am here for general networking with like-minded professionals. In the interest of making some friends, I will start with question: a/s/l? Specialty or skill area?

    I am a 29/f/Maine, US who specializes in Usability, Human-Computer Interfaces, and Technical Communications. My native language is JavaScript, but I like to work in many different languages. 🙂

    I currently work at a startup. It is a small and diverse team, and I enjoy the wide variety of tasks I get to work on.

    I am very interested in learning about others experiences working in teams with technology. Let’s say, it’s a personal research project.

    I am also very interested in making friends! It’s nice to meet you. 🙂

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    30/M/Texas with a networking background that guided me into information security. My areas of interest within the field revolve around Offensive Security and Red Teaming.

    I currently work in the infosec field doing asset and vulnerability management. Not quite RedTeaming but close enough that I can follow the infamous ‘kill chain’.

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    Too old/M/Fl. Doing helpdesk with some IT in the middle. Trying to study programming mostly Java.
    My YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQlDgMSVvGv438OURWMAIQw
    Trying to find inspiration and creativity boost, and of course I am friendly human.

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    35/M/Tokyo but from Colorado. With a background in Computer Science I work in the software development field for a DL research lab.

    With past experience in IOS/Android and Java development I am now currently focusing on NodeJS and Python. I am interested in learning more about Deep Learning and building HPC environments.

    It is nice to meet everyone.

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    Video post production is my specialty but I do cover the entire production chain / workflow from writing and planning a video. Then going out to the field to shoot the footage. And after all the post production work, enter the wonderful world of marketing, pr and social media. I do all this for fun and for work.

    My website is vidtoolz.com

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    29/m/California (bay area)/new to the IT world, learning quickly. Lifelong nerd, might as well put these skills to use lol. Currently in a tradeschool, just passed the 220-901 exam, working on 902 or network+ next.

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    Wow! What a great variety of skills.

    My YouTube channel is here! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyUy9oonmPz8_dDC_z-sc7g It is just music at the moment, but I am planning on doing vlogs and eventually videos on soft skills for tech professionals!

    mdbox I have had the opportunity to dabble in distributed AI over the past couple of years. It is an interesting fields and I am looking forward to seeing where it’s going!

    Chalupa_Batman88 it is a great time to be a nerd

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    Thanks for the introduction.

    I’m in my 30s/M/NYC. The road of my career started in support, to support engineer, to QA analyst, and most recently QA automation. It would be good to continue down the automation path, but I’m open to other opportunities.

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    25yo finnish app engineer here & soon to be energy technology graduate. Hi all!

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    Hello everybody. Undergrad student here to learn and interact with like-minded professionals in the Industry. Interested in Software Development, Business and Eli’s amazing videos.

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    I’m 24, live in MA, and currently work a day job doing tech support for an online music school, night job working as a live theater sound guy. I have a degree in film music composition/production, which has proven so far to be less than ideal for paying bills, so I’m looking to pivot toward my other interest, software development. I’ve realized that I’d rather be not-stressed doing software development (preferably working as a remote employee) than stressed trying to make my living with music.

    I’ve been watching Lynda.com videos on web and software development, and trying to get more involved with the development team at the school at which I work. I also have been taking one of the “pro intensive” courses on codecademy.com. I joined FN because I’ve been a fan of Eli’s videos for a while, and I’m hoping to get pointers from the community on resources I can use to move forward.

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    35/M/California – developer, education consulting, developer curriculum & training, developer documentation for apis.

    Here to discuss the lessons from Eli’s videos on high priced consulting services and building education platforms.

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    36/F/Sweden, working in a supermarket. On my free time I make subtitles for Japanese and Korean dramas, and am a forum moderator of an Asian entertainment community.

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    20/M/Missouri My position is called “Technology Specialist”… I’m still trying to figure out what that means exactly! On my free time I try to add to the money pit that disguises itself as my server room.

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    31/M/Cincinnati ohio mostly Deskside support trying to make my way into virtualization. Mainly play xbox and spend time with my family during my free time.

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    Systems Admin, full-stack developer… etc. Publishing background.

    Emphasis on the etc. I started as one of only two “computer guys” and only a dozen other people in the company. 10 years later, offices in 3 states, ~60 employees including 4 developers. That growth is a lot of what has led me here. I’ve found many of the topics to be relevant to my search for stable footing, going from a guy working on one project and helping out a few people install MS Office or configuring a router you could get at Walmart to dealing with several devs and their projects, remote workers, etc.

    The subject of working more as a team has come up numerous times here, but everyone ends up back in their silos more or less. I think that has a lot to do with their being more projects than devs. The impression I’ve gotten from others is that this isn’t typical out in the wild. The ratio seems to be upside down here. I’m afraid that it would take bringing all dev work to a halt for a bit so that a solid foundation could be established for a fresh start.

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    27/M/Stockholm, Frontend Developer (CSS, Javascript, Angular, a smidge of C#) working as a freshly employed consultant, but no external project yet, so working inhouse 🙂
    The project involves settings up servers and database communication, so I suppose I’m going in the Full Stack direction although not by choice. In perfect world, I’d be working with just frontend CSS,JS,Angular and product/service design!

    Background in general software engineering and graphic design, and am in process of creating my own sort of presence on the internet, platform or portfolio if you will, not for money purposes though.

    In free time I mostly prefer games and out with my gf, which involves travelling, outside walks in nature, and playing co-op games 😀

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