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    As of recent I’ve had a few people struggling to get into the technology industry so I gave them some things they could do, volunteer at non-profits, build a home lab, find a problem that could be solved with technology, ect. They said that they didn’t really want to do that so I asked if they truly wanted to be in this profession. They then called me an “asshole”, saying I’ll never procreate, and made snarky Facebook post about me. I don’t like to watch others and this is really getting to me for whatever reason. Don’t really know what to do about it but hopefully it will resolve itself.

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    Ann C.

    mommy and daddy issues!

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    People either want it or they don’t. A lot of people come into this field for the wrong reasons. Money should never be the motivating factor when choosing a lifelong career. In the same way, I chose not to go into medicine even though I know it pays well. If you aren’t happy doing what you do every day, no amount of pay will give you peace of mind or save your sanity.

    I find social media very toxic. I’ve been much happier, productive, and focused since staying off Facebook. There are other ways to help people that don’t require direct, or as much, interaction. Blogging and vlogging are great options. Find communities in your niche area of interest to join. The people you find there are likely to be more serious and receptive to help and advice than those who are just chasing after a paycheck.

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    I agree with Jonas.

    Hunter, continue to offer advice, but note that there is most likely a reason why they haven’t already performed the tasks that you’ve advised.

    It’s easy to talk about wanting something. It’s ENTIRELY different to actually DO something.

    Many people enjoy the dream, but few enjoy the grind.

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