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    Luis Guzman


    I’ve noticed the forum get no much attention.
    And since maybe it’s one of last places for international users to hang around, could we get Categories?

    I believe that since the forum is so “open”/broad/non-specific people have not idea on what to discuss here, if asking where to buy dogs or 3200MHz DDR3 RAM.

    Maybe basic categories could be,

    – Looking and finding tech //(networking)
    – Tech Questions
    – Failed Normal related
    – Cult of the Grid Folks
    – Troll hole

    Or something on those lines, so people can actually start building on some direction, forums are a great tool as asynchronous communication and great for people to hang around (and of course inevitably some trolling).

    Eli, hope you can give it a thought.
    These are my two cents.

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    Probably isn’t a bad idea considering most of the forum posts are scattered in topics.

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    I agree with Jonas

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    Agree. I will open two topics, Tech: Youtube and Tech: Java

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