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    Hello all!

    I have a quesstion to if I have actually managed to scsrew myself royally here.

    I’m a 30y old male. FOr the past 8 years I’ve been working in the security field. I finallyy decided I had enough a few years back and I got into IT instead. First a rather basic education 1y trainee program basically network technician – wouldn’t really give that school much credit because how basic it was. But I got through it and it helped me actually progress to my second school which I just finished.

    It was a vocational degree in server virtualization basically.
    It revolved heavily around the microsoft degrees of 70-410,411,412 (some virtualizaation stuff for vmware Products aswell) some linux and some CCNA material, altho no actual certifiations was offered by the school. I am atleast somewhat familiar with these areas.

    The school also pushed us onto the job market by makeing us search for internships as part of the education program.

    My first internship was kinda basic first line support-esque and rather uneventful but good experience atleast.
    Now to my problem:
    Now I just finished the education program like I said and the last “class” was to find Another internship spot.

    Eventually I managed to get hired into a Company where they described it as I would be basically working directly under the IT-head and would work really closely with him.

    Which I do, but I am rather unfullfilled by the work we do here. As to say – therereally is nothing really going on. The Company is so small that there barely is enough to fill an entire work day. and by the end of it I feel like my time would’ve been better spent working with my own virtual labs/trying to learn new things rather than esentially just sitting around waiting for someone to have an issue.

    I am also aware that most of my classmates signed much more lucrative contracts (ie higher paying) and with more fulfilling work and I am worried that I will have to spend time here basically in a stalemate because the Company is not living up to my expectations of how I was picturing my personal growth.

    All of this to basically ask – how soon is too soon to quit a job that you aren’t happy with?
    In september I am coming up on 6months and my contract basically goes to a permanent basis. Which means that I woul’d have to stay Another months to quit as a resignation grace period. While if I were to quit right now that grace period would be just 1 month .

    I just don’t want to be stuck here for 12 -18 months without progressing at all.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    I am in sweden if that helps.

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    I would advice you to keep sending out a lot of applications while working for your current employer. Be honest in your applications/interview why you want out of your current job and quit once you have another job offer.

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    Thanks for your input. I have started sending out applications.

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    Q: “how soon is too soon to quit a job that you aren’t happy with?”

    A: It’s not unheard of for IT pros in the beginning of their career to jump around every 3-6 months for contracting work and every 1-2 years for normal employment. That being said, eventually you want to show that you can thrive in a company for >=3 years. It doesn’t have to be the same position, just the same company.

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