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    Just wanted to make sure everything was copacetic in the payment system… I looked at the “Past Invoices” section on Failed Normal and there was only one payment it claimed from March 31. I am happy to backpay for the missing months… Haven’t checked my bank if it drew the money out of my account but just making sure everything is good and Eli gets his dues. Is this a problem for anyone else?

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    I confirm the failednormal.com page only shows my first bill : August 26, 2017

    But payment keeps getting made.

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    Your payments are processing in PayPal. You’ve made 2 payments so far, and for some reason the next will trigger on June 11.

    The membership software only records what actually gets sent through it. So it records the initial $5, but does record the recurring payments. You can view those in PayPal.

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