1. One of the reasons there is a lot of Jesus paintings is because people in Italy (the kings and high class) believed that if you payed for a religious painting then you would be guaranteed to go to heaven. Amazing how religion had such power over people, it still do.

  2. That Prado Point comment is very accurate for where I am at in my life.

    For future watchers: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, don’t listen to advice from most people about your Prado Point. Most people only see you in one dimension so telling someone you are burned out or whatever will be met with words along the lines “of that’s who you are…aka The Computer Guy”. Then you start thinking YOU are wrong and make even worse decisions.

    In my experience, if you hit your Prado Point, always have an eject plan. Whether that is money, time, resources, a backup job, a place across country, etc, it doesn’t matter. When the time comes, you will thank you past self for putting systems into place so you can just drop out without making life worse.

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