1. Hmmm Eli, I think you just described how the charity in Christianity creates the chance for implied reciprocity in society.

    I think it’s nice because there isn’t an expectation for reciprocity.

    Though from what I understand about therapy, it’s like a slot machine for solving problems because for some people, therapy is enough to solve many people’s emotional or psychological problems. For others it’s just a drug that people persistently take shots concurrently with other things until something catches up and ends their lives.

    It’s not the easiest task in the world, to contextualize the human condition, then remedy the victim.

    But I see where you’re coming at, many things people say in therapy are often not appropriate in the public or strangers.

  2. More about Cinque Terre. As you keep mentioning it.

    La Spezia is the closest main station. If you take the train here. Then take a local train to to Riomaggiore and get a place to stay here for the night.. Then when you wake up in the morning. You hike from Riomaggiore to Monterosso through all Cinque (5) Terre (villages). Then take the train back from Monterosso back to Riomaggiore and get out of Cinque Terre the next morning.

    If you end liking this part. You can take train towards Rapollo and look around Portofinio for 1 day. Then you can move onto Genova and fly onto to next destination. It will take some time to take the train to Milan. It will take 5-6 hours.

    just in case you go to Cinque Terre and like this part. Then this are more things to do. But it will get you a bit outside of the path you have described.

    Also remember to check the status of the hiking paths. Also if you hiking in Cinque terre bring some extra clothes as it can get cold and wet quickly if it starts to rain.

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