1. This is an interesting post since the day I am watching this (7/26/19) I am pondering what’s my next step in terms of career and location.

    And the thing I keep regress to is that our upbringing grooms us to be comfortable and puts us on a knife-edge. Yeah, we may hate our workload/job but we at least understand it AND we need to eat. It’s a parasitic relationship where we actually lose the longer way we stay but most of us lack the resources to pull away and think for sometime.

    Life doesn’t have any reset options but it is weird that when I can get a few weeks or months to not deal with an issue, that I can actually be honest with myself. Unfortunately, I should have been building an escape plan when the times were GOOD instead of starting when I needed it.

    I wonder how many other people go through that situation in everyday life, day in and day out.

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