1. What if you invite 15 people but expect only 10 to show up? You could have a few extra Arduino boards ready in case more than 10 people do show up.

  2. also I think meetup.com allows you to charge a deposit/fee upfront. In order to cover expenses and make people show up. I think it is there, but not often used.

    Also an idea to video you meetup and send them on youtube or similiar and use it as advertising to attract more people to your meetups.

  3. The law is a “living” thing – especially if it is YouTube law. Sounds like you infringed on some sponsor’s turf. Glad to hear that ElitheComputerGuy is coming back. The meet-up; I am curious to see if the public sees it as good training and pays for it. Can you advertise to local tech companies who may want their people to expand their skills?

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