1. Eli, can I send you 2 books using Amazon as a tip? Your materials helped ma lot in my last job interview so I wanted to send 2 books that I think you would find interesting.
    I know I am just a guy on the internet and subscriber (not a friend).

  2. Eli,
    IMHO, the fact that so few people watch your Arduino videos is not because they only want candy instead. It just means that that they don’t want your Arduino videos. Arduino is cool and all but its getting a little long in the tooth and there are a million other Arduino videos on Youtube doing the same things that your videos are doing. What people do want, and would watch are the unique computer and network tech videos that you did so well in a way that no one else could. That is your brand. Maybe I’m wrong but this is what came to my head as I was listening to this video. Peace.

  3. I just watched “Arduino IR Obstacle Avoidance Vehicle” and found it to be quite good. Things were explained very well if you ask me (as a professional software developer of +- 10 years who is just starting out with Arduino and sensors).

    Just wanted to share that the content seems solid!

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