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  1. I read somewhere that the entire tax issues with taxes in the US is pretty made complicated because of the Tax Industry (QuickBooks, H&R Block, Intuit, etc). They lobby to make it difficult so they will have ongoing business.

    Your OneTaxSystem would probably crater their revenues. Ever since then, I paid attention to how the people set to “help” us is really just a difference method of fleecing us.

    Look at these numbers from Intuit 2018 reports:

    For the full year, Intuit:
    – Grew revenue to nearly $6.0 billion, up 15 percent year-over-year.
    – Grew Online Ecosystem revenue by 40 percent.
    – Finished the year with over 3.4 million QuickBooks Online subscribers, growth of 43 percent.

    Real money.

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