1. I guess the underlying issue is that people want to feel good about themselves. This means their own priority is about making money. Now something bad happens that threatens to result in losing money. If you want to limit the financial damage you have 2 options:
    1) Making clear what happened is not bad, basicly defending the child vids stuff, making yourself look like a pedo..

    2) finding an angle to go after the messenger and try to bury the topic, making yourself at least not looking as bad as defending child vids…

    Just my 2 cents…

    • … they need to start having contracts/ relationships with creators. There’s no relationship now, so there is no trust, and no communication. I had a better relationship with my surveillance camera vendor than I do with YouTube. Legally binding contracts would require BOTH sides to understand what is expected and to have realistic expectations of what is and is not acceptable…

  2. As I got older, I realized this line of thinking has existed forever.

    People put a lot of value on the messenger instead of the message.

    And trying to make people aware of this fact is so difficult. If I want to persuade someone to follow my advice, I always frame it in a way that I heard “something from someone they admire” that they suggest doing XYZ in this case.

    Like a mental shortcuts

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