1. I love these videos on Failed Normal. I do have 2 comments on this topic.

    1) The Old Guard (college/politicians/parents/etc) only think of things in how they fit into their old mental frameworks. College is valuable to those who were always inspired by it or grew up wanting to go or to those who make a huge profit or was successful form it. To everyone else (the dropouts, the degree holders in Starbucks, the 50 year old graduate, etc) its a joke.

    The additional follow up to your idea about video content gets rid of the huge costs associated with college but it would shake up so many things in our economy that most people would be wary of it.

    For example, no one is going to take a $50k loan a year for video/online content so the banks will have to find another way to trap the budding youth of the US. On the flip side, A LOT of people get their first taaste independence when they go away to college (which I don’t agree with) but that’s what it is.

    2) To follow up on the Oscars, like the college ideal, most people aren’t thinking about NEW ways to implement change but rather how to fit NEW ways of doing things into the OLD framework.

    On a side note, I have been studying copywriting and it is a common tactic to frame new ideas into the old and expected frameworks that people already have.

    In both the case of the Oscars and College,people prefer the safe road even if it isn’t effective. A lot of people don’t experiment in any capacity of their lives.

  2. The Khan Academy is really changing things as far as training is going. They have a massive amount of free videos and exercises. It is really competing with colleges.
    I donate to them every month.

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