1. I think “GeeVid.com” needs more color, too much gray / black…..

    regarding alcohol I usually only drink alcohol when my company pays for it, happens maybe 3-4 times a year…

  2. Yeah, I remember I started getting hangovers right around ~27 and it actually took me a while to realize that it was a natural effect of aging AND that maybe, just maybe, I’d feel better in the AM if I didn’t guzzle IPA the night before…

    • Yeah it kinda hit me around 30. Taking a couple activated charcoals before drinking can help absorb it to some degree. Afterwards I usually take a couple detoxx pills to help prevent hangovers. This definitely works for moderate drinking. Also drinking a few glasses of water before bed helps.

      For heavier drinking I think it can still help mitigate issues the next day but my problem is I can’t get good sleep after a night of heavy drinking. So the next day I usually end up having to have a nap because my sleep was so horrible. I tend to not heavy drink very much these days lol.

      I like Eli’s suggestion of a beer with less alcohol content per beer. Definitely will have to give that a try. I can drink 5 or 6 bud lights and feel pretty good. Might have to try Miller or another with even less alcohol content.

  3. Simple Programmer has a paid Slack forum. I payed for one year in advance. A lot of actual professionals there. Did not use it much … I know what I need to do. Doing it is consistently is the hard part.

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