1. I agree with this topic. I like Failed Normal for these topics which you can’t get anywhere else. These conversations aren’t family friendly so they are brought up in public.

    The best part is that Title Vampirism is so ingrained that it forms the basis of our status driven society. I am sure in the 80s, having a college degree meant something.
    On the same token, having an iPhone BEFORE they were subsidized meant something as well.

    On the flip side of the coin, I know people who have done the CEO/Founder thing just to avoid gaps in their resume because being unemployed is the worst thing when job hunting. Like most things in Life, if no one wanted you, then no one wants you.

    So to ask a follow up question to Title Vampirism and fake/real news: Is it society which constantly moves the goal post to include more and more people until the value of a title/degree/etc is drained? And the cycle begins again with something new (Social Media Marketer, etc).

    Good topic

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