1. I think law expects it too. FOSTA-SESTA ammendment to section 230 of tellecomunication act, which allows user generated content section of we host provide (this comment box) to be “safe harbour” for website owners (you) was just recently passed. As with many legislatures, it is possible to obuse. Twit.tv podcast discussed how it may negatively affect them, as an example.

    Then there is Defamation Act hailing from EU (of course it has to come from there…) and Canada, that makes website owner responsible for these disputes between users. Though thankfully the 2013 update made it more fair to website owners.

    Horrible things that challenge the way the internet works today.

  2. Well, in fact, Trump is not a very powerful man at all. In his own country, he has been under attack since the day he was elected. The two-party system has eventually developed to the point where few things can get done quickly and without being first advertised to the whole world.

    Outside the USA, what can he do? Realistically, I mean. Start a nuclear war? I don’t think so. His own generals would probably kill him instead of obeying his orders, because they know that there’s no way the USA can survive this. Damage other countries’ economies? Only up to a point. The weak ones will call for help and, most likely, receive it. As to the strong ones, the USA can only damage their economy to the extent that they themselves allow. A few years ago, America came very close to a nuclear war with Russia. Some people in the States figured it would be a great idea to do a nasty thing that would make life difficult for Russia. I don’t mean the so-called “sanctions” that are actually very good for the Russian economy, I mean something that wouldn’t be good. Once the Russian government learned of this, the Americans were informed that the response would be war, so they backed off right there and then.

    So far, the USA hasn’t been able to defeat neither North Korea nor Iran, let alone anyone bigger or better armed. This isn’t power. Actually, there’s no real “power” in this world anymore because it’s so interconnected. You can’t hurt others without hurting yourselves.

  3. By the way, Eli, maybe you could actually charge people for those classes? Nowadays there’s so much stuff online that’s free, people don’t take it seriously anymore. Maybe you could advertise (and sell a bit) through something like StackSocial? Make a teaser course, charge something, make it look like it’s some huge sale, so people rush and pay for it before the “sale” ends. Then, once they are on your website learning things, they could buy more courses. This way, you’d attract your target audience – people who want to learn and are prepared to pay something. Myself, I’ve bought more courses through StackSocial than I could ever take 🙂 Stuff’s on sale, you know….it looks fun and useful, so why not buy? And I actually learned a lot from those classes.

  4. Good video Eli. I’m happy to pay the small fee on failed normal to continue to consume your content, as I know you well deserve the money in knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained through your videos over the past couple years. I just wanted to drop a quick thank you to you, and also to make a comment about your last point about the SJW stuff being here to stay for awhile:

    it seems to be in extended times of peace (about one or two generations) that society starts going this direction. There is no war, so people create conflict. Once there is war again, that pendulum will start to swing back towards the other direction where people are super patriotic/unified. As with anything else in life, too far in either direction is bad. Hoping we get to that happy medium again soon.

    Keep doing what you’re doing Eli and take care of yourself.

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