1. That Megyn Kelly should have known better than to accept the contract with NBC. They hired a very stereotypical personality from Fox, then let her talk on air, waiting in ambush the whole time. Eventually, she said something stupid, the fools started shrieking and the company fired her with a whole lot of brouhaha. Now look at them brave journos fighting racism in America! Like they didn’t know who they hired. As to herself, she knew perfectly well where she was going to work. I have exactly zero sympathy for these types – they get A LOT of money for their trouble. But guess what, back when I worked for AP, the company treated very ordinary employees like trash. Not “on-screen talent”, but regular newsroom staff. They simply don’t see human beings as human beings. To them, everybody is a piece of trash, regardless of the person’s work ethic or skills.
    Actually, allowing big companies to abuse employees isn’t a very smart strategy for a country. The more people decide to work for themselves and teach their kids to do the same, the sooner the economy will decentralise and deindustrialise. That’s one way to lose competitiveness in the world economy and to turn back to the 19th century.

  2. It’s true about the business and hobby thing.

    To be fair, I started to STOP framing things as a business and just keep it as a hobby. Life is better when you are less stressed. Plus it is easier to create and be free.

    I tell other people this as well and of course they look at me like I am crazy.

    It’s actually a lesson I had to learn later on in life. Web Design/Design work can make money but its a struggle. I realized that I don’t like working with clients for some tasks.

  3. That business tip about Promoting into Nothingness is ruthless.

    Honestly, a part of me love the business tactics like that. It’s like a video game in that regards.

    The other part of me (the part that works in a job) hates stuff like that because everyone thinks employees and employers fight on equal ground. Which couldn’t be further from the truth.

    As a side note, the best time that I have fun at a job is when I didn’t rely on a job to pay my bills (same story with hobbies and businesses like you said). I am working to make that reality for my 2020 plan going forward.

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