1. I’d just like to say that I’ve learned so much from these failed normal videos and you’re actually helping make the world a better place with all the great life advice you give. Thank you for existing!

  2. I’ve seen the video on doxxing and it made a lot of sense and was fun to watch. I already knew what it was about but only because I’d read Zoe Quinn’s book. I guess this idea of shorter videos may actually work nicely because of everybody’s short attention spans nowadays. Myself, whenever I see a promising video that happens to be 40 minutes long, I go like “yeah….that’s a good one… should watch…” and then it goes into “Watch Later” and stays there forever. It’s embarassing to admit but well…this is the truth. Shorter videos are much more likely to get clicked on and watched right there and then.

  3. I agree with you about the transportation thing about moving people from point A to Point B, especially for Jobs.

    It’s something I commented on before. Here in Philly, the suburban jobs pay better (on average) UNLESS you are high level enough to work in Downtown.

    So what happens is that you have people from the City commuting to the suburbs on I-95/I-76 for a job. And then you have people from the suburbs going into the city for $75-100k+ jobs.

    Of course this clogs the streets and highways and have crazy rush hour traffic.

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