1. I was the one commenting on Flemish. You mentioned a country with two languages. That should be Belgium (where they speak two language Flemish and French) and not Denmark. Flemish is similar to Dutch which is the language they speak in the Netherlands.

  2. Homeward bound!!! Ducks seem to be an international thing. Can’t wait to try the beers myself when we go. Saw all those bikes behind you. It seems to be a technology that works for them. What is the bicycle that works for YouTube? “Dosage” is also an important concept. Sometimes just a little can make a big difference, if its a good thing. The trick is finding that right amount for the specific situation. Treasure those sweet moments that make the big difference.

  3. You were wondering why they speak so good English in the Netherlands. One reason are TV and movies. The Netherlands are quite small, have about 17 million people. This means most foreign movies run there in their original language, because it is too expensive for such a small market to make Dutch language versions. So you have a country where the people from a very young age are nearly daily exposed to hours of English language content. You often see subtitles in Dutch language, subtitles are quite cheap…..
    You experienced the results…

  4. I go to the Rockies a few times a year. I have partaken a few times myself. I get the suckers and a vape. Both do the same for me. A Little or a lot it doesn’t seem to matter with me. There’s like this psychedelic switch in my brain that’s either on or off there doesn’t seem to be in between. It also did not make snowboarding any more enjoyable. Actually it made it very hard. But I’m getting too old to snowboard anymore my body can’t seem to take the falls like they used to so I think I will go back to skiing from here on out.

  5. I know from your blog that you are trying to figure out your next direction.

    Here’s a clip with Paul McCartney in which he says he still hasn’t worked out what to do “Even the Pope and the Dali Lama haven’t figured it out.”

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