1. Eli like you I’m pretty sure babies aren’t brought by storks. Most of my friends agree pending further research. And it’s nice that we are so much freer to talk about the no stork theory, even explore similar theories. I think discretion is still a good rule for many reasons. Your comment “what if my kids saw that” is worth consideration. Children have access to so much that content of all types and it is nearly impossible to control their access. Great topic by the way.

  2. It’s a real concern. A few years ago, a couple of researchers demo’ed at a security conference how to hack into a Cisco voip phone, get root access, and gain access to the network and potentially do nefarious stuff. Their point was that hackers will increasingly hack “innocent” devices like phones, printers, cameras which were not traditionally thought of as targets. As IoT proliferates, the attack profile widens considerably.

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