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  1. In my experience I noticed the west is too scared of legal liability and its crippling.

    In certain eastern country, its more about survival so there is less room to worry about legal consequences of having a kid help out putting mortar on the wall, gluing wallpaper, tailoring doors etc. I got to do that and it was fun. I got here, and there was a huge contrast over how many things people are not willing to do because of POTENTIAL LIABILITY.

    Can’t do house repairs because could be LIABLE for breaking something (if rent – liable to landlord, if own – decreasing property value or not following code). Couldn’t do minor computer repair for friends, because they were terrified of being LIABLE for damaged WARRANTY stickers.

    I was 19 at the time and went with a teacher to help them out with something (probably computer related too, I forgot) and got flat wheal on the way. Being 19, healthy, I got out to help out loosen the bolts. I was shoved off having to watch not so young person fiddling with it because they were afraid of liability of making me do something “dangerous”.

    There are waver signings for every little thing. It may look normal to folks here, but it looked like everyone was wearing a straitjacket afraid of touching anything physical in fear of dreaded liability. Only place I eventually got lose a little again was volunteering at a theater where they too were in a survival mode trying to keep the place from collapsing so if you could help, no one was really paying attention to whether there is any liability if you fall off the 2 story high ceiling adjusting lights.

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