1. One more thing So you had 10 hours to do the video while you were driving. I find when I have to be driving for some period of time it’s the easiest way to make a video because you can’t do anything else. I also find I like to do my videos first thing in the morning after my walk that why am still fresh and I get it out-of-the-way so when I’m tired at night I’m not like oh I still have to do a video Anyway thanks for the advice

    • Friends don’t let friends vlog and drive… we’re not friends so feel free to kill yourself, but… you get the point… 😉

      I genuinely think vloging and driving is a bad idea. Vloging isn’t hard per se, but it takes a lot of brain power. I won’t do it in my wife’s Focus, and the thought of vlogging while towing a trailer when wind gusts and stupid drivers can pop up in a blink just doesn’t seem worth it.

      My current style I now do the vids at the end of the day. That way the interesting things are still fresh in my mind. Over the years I’ve set my schedule for mornings, afternoons, and early evening, and really find 4pm+ is where I hit my stride. That’s a to each his own thing though.

      • I total understand doing anything and driving. You surely would not get the face time as well because you need to watch the road.

        I am still trying to figure out if trying to monetize on YT is even worth the effort. I think I know your thoughts on it. It not like I need the money and more of a therapy for me.

  2. An idea for Amsterdam. Integration of Iot (Internet of Things) for the Redlight district. An Arduino with a pressure sensor attached can talk to a server to send a message to a potential client via SMS letting them know that the worker is available. I kid, I kid. Thanks for sharing all your travels.

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