1. the older “offers” in the “windows” make sense when you assume the younger girls find the their customer via smartphone, so the windows just target older guys uncomfortable with high tech and not looking for a stunner, but maybe an older woman they can talk with and have a bit of a “hands on” experience…

    Just guessing 🙂

  2. Knowing other languages is not really about being able to read street signs and menus, it’s about understanding the things that those other people say to each other in their own languages. They may know English but will they be willing to talk to you as if you were one of their own? Probably not. So you don’t get to hear what they actually think and say behind your back. Another thing is that, for different ideological reasons, the media may (and often do) lie and misrepresent what’s going on in other countries. If more Americans understood what’s actually going on abroad, you’d probably have a somewhat different political life back at home.

    As to the 25-year old whores, I guess many of them learned their lesson and went on to do other things in life. Back in the 90s, in Eastern Europe there really was a whole generation of fools who didn’t know any better. There are always individuals who are in rude health but lack any sense and won’t listen to anyone. The males tend to engage in crime and the females… well, everyone knows what such females do. Over time, the message that there’s no easy fortune to be made by selling your body in Amsterdam must have trickled down even to the worst idiots. Those who still want to be whores, can be whores in their own countries and the rest of them do what those same types do in the USA – they get a boyfriend and milk him for all he’s worth. The same thing really but with fewer health hazards. I guess this has little to do with the economy because even back in those times nobody really died of hunger, people just had to work very hard for a living and not everybody likes to do that.

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