1. I get your viewpoint Eli on buying Apple products.
    But just ignoring all the other products in the market and not doing any research at all when you are buying equipment, for me it seems not a very smart way to invest your money. I don’t want to be just another apple hater, but the reality is that there are better products in the market with a better value proposition.

    For the money that you pay for an iPhone X, you can buy an LG V30 that has a way better camera (4K at 30fps or 1080p at 60fps, with f/1.6 lens for less grainy video) with 128 GB internal storage with up to 512 GB microSD card, with a better CPU and GPU, amazing audio recording in videos, big battery and fast charging.
    For me, LG V30 seems like a no-brainer for video production. And i think you can buy two units for the price of one iPhone X (i might be wrong here) (the second one as a backup).

    The same goes for apple laptops. The difference in performance that you can get from a windows laptop with a dedicated graphics card for encoding videos i think it’s big, and just ignoring these options just because windows had a crap ton of errors in the past seems just not smart. Windows 10 is a lot more stable nowdays. And performs really well.

    I’m a programmer and i need my pc to just work, always and flawlessly. 6+ tabs opened in google chrome, 3 other programs opened, photoshop opened for exporting graphic resources from a web design file.
    And i have windows 10 both in my pc at work, and in my personal laptop. And they just work. Never had any major problem and never had to reinstall windows since i upgraded to windows 10.
    And when they do break, it’s easy to repair. Last week i did an update on my personal laptop and something went wrong, but then i rolled back the update and in 30 minutes it was back to normal again (just by pressing some buttons. no complicated recovery process). And my laptop is a lenovo from 2014. I really need an upgrade. But even with this old hardware, windows 10 just works.

    And i can afford apple products now, but i know that windows/android is just better at the things that i care about: performance, flexibility, price/quality, customizability.
    Just my 2 cents. My opinions from working with windows and android in the real world. I may not have much experience in the professional world but with my limited experience this is how i see things, and the direction that things are headed is this: windows/android getting better and better every day, apple products becoming more expensive with not much value added.

    • … as a note on prices… I bought Final Cut 6 years ago for $250 and have installed it on every Mac since… Adobe Premiere is $21 a month at best = $252 per year. 6 years of Premiere would cost me $1512 and the cost would be ongoing…

    • “not doing any research at all ” The price of spending time researching can be surprisingly and annoyingly high. I totally get the comfort of a known pipeline. Everything from spending time to do said research, to mental comfort of uncertainty of whether research was “correct”, to changing habits.

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