1. Thank you for that timely reminder as I am struggling with fear of filling out forms, that is cripplingly similar to that booted army guy. Whenever I have to fill out government (or almost any kind of) form, blood pressure goes up, breathing is difficult, vision gets blurry, and I have headache the next day. I can barely get through renewing my local permits every few years, so I have been turning down invitations from friend in Amsterdam to visit them because of fear I will have fill out extra visa application form. Somewhat ironic, because as developer I am making forms for others to fill out all the time.

  2. Enjoy Amsterdam! Never been outside the US before but that would be my dream trip. Sometimes you have to push yourself into awkward situations to realize that you were cheating yourself for an opportunity that you truly enjoy. You are not alone with the whole airport situation, I have a hard time just genuinely trying to converse with people in general. That’s the good thing about being a nerd.

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