1. Well I’m not sure when you will put the next video up since it was 3 or 4 days to get the last one. Anyway I was watching your drone video on my way home from Chicago. I know you don’t care about my opinion but I’ll give it to you anyway.
    First about walking the drone. No no you don’t want to keep it silent. If people want to watch it in silence that is what the mute button is for. People actually like commentary. Maybe you can walk it 15 or 20 yards in front of you or behind you while you talk in your failed normal Videos. Now that might be cool.

    2nd about the 4K videos not degrading and being watched 50 years from now. No I bet 50 years from now everything will be all VR videos or holograms. Someway where you can actually look around the room while you’re watching them. And when our grandkids look back in our videos 50 years from now they will be like I can’t believe they thought flat videos were good.
    You always have to be careful when you say today’s technology will last.
    I remember taking a MS Excel class 20 some years ago and the prof saying his new laptop had 4GB hard drive space and he said he would never need any more than that. 😂

    Anyway keep up the content I seem to enjoy watching It.

    • Also have to be careful about properly categorizing what will last or not. Your prof never said “I would never need storage at all in the future”. Just miscalculation of magnitude, but technology NEED remains the same: store stuff. Problem solving need vs magnitude of implementation need predictions should not be mixed. VR video is a whole different category of need. Will it really work if Eli invests into showing you a mountain, but you decide to run off in VR to swim in a river? 360 degree video is right here!! but it does not work despite being more “advanced” because viewers are literally missing critical peaces of content by not looking where creator intended them to look.

      “They will be like can’t believe they thought flat videos are good”. Flat presentation medium is centuries old, another 50 years will not change the visual need. Going back to need vs magnitude, a video is pretty much a moving version of what Egyptians did with messages in the pyramids. Its not “new”, just enhancement on already established need.
      VR and hologram satisfies need of “being there”, which is currently done best by actually being there, i.e. tourism.

      What might be more appropriate for the grandkids to say could probably be “I cant believe these videos were done on potato with such compromise in audio quality when the more pleasant capturing equipment is right there”

  2. Went back and reread that and just to be clear I wasn’t trying to be snarky as you would say just giving my opinion. As if anyone really cares anyway. And maybe I didn’t word it properly but in the words of Forrest Gump “I’m not a smart man”

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