1. That’s why you have to be in America and support our homegrown, vegan, free-range prostitutes in ‘Murica. Stay away from the corporate, adulterated, GMO prostitutes in the Red Light District. MILFs, not Moms.

  2. My suggestion for a pitch would be : ” I talk about topics that people don’t even know they are interested in, they never know what I talk about next, many people like that,works so far for me and works for them ” 🙂

  3. Pitch: “Circumstantial decision making”

    Every other speaker just gives information dump on how *they* would do something, leaving out backstory that made it possible only for them. Viewers who are not experienced in emergency troubleshooting want 5 minute explanation, or complain why some solution is so “over-complicated”, not realizing it really does take 2 hours to go through the history to understand why organization (or industry) arrived at current state through its 30 year history, the circumstance.

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