1. Yes many kids would want to be an Eli, hell I wanna be an Eli. In reality “Eli the Computer Guy” was the one who setup “Eli the ???” to be where he is at now. You did put a crap ton of hours teaching tech to a camera to pave the way to be able to play video games, go to KOA’s and just ramble into a camera about your life.

  2. I did a video the other day on my iPhone 7 and it got cut off during the middle of it and had to restart it so I had to splice two together with it But it made the video size a lot smaller I need just to find an app or I can stop and restart videos without having to restart another video. But it did the job and it was pretty simple.

  3. For somebody like you, the iPhone is a work tool and there is no debate about whether or not you should buy the best tools that help you do your job. Another important point is that you seem to be able to afford those things without going into any kind of debt. So again, there is no problem. As to those people who pay for a new phone every year using their credit cards, I am not sure it is such a good idea.

    By raising the prices each year, Apple is trying to make as much money as possible while the bubble is still there and people keep borrowing and spending. The way the macroeconomic data look, the US economy is headed for a recession and this time it’s going to be pretty brutal. It may take a couple of years to arrive but it is inevitable. Then a lot of companies will have to make a lot of decisions and I don’t know what decisions Apple will make. So I wouldn’t want to lock myself into an ecosystem that belongs to just one company. What if they raise their prices sky high? What if they just go bust or decide to discontinue some products? No one can tell. I still have my iPad but I no longer spend any money on in-app purchases of any kind. I just don’t like the idea anymore. (For that same reason I rip all newly purchased books from the Kindle app and convert them to epub).

    Actually I have been buying more and more stuff from China simply because I like the quality nowadays and I also trust the Chinese manufacturers to stay in business and grow. If one company does something stupid and goes bust, then someone else will quickly take their place and make even better products. I spent some years in China and I saw how they innovate and adapt their production to the customers’ needs. They don’t innovate just to create PR hype and push their prices higher, they respond to what the customers want and are prepared to pay for. Recently I bought a tiny Bluetooth receiver by Xiaomi and I love it. It’s dirt cheap (about 20 EUR), connects to my Android phone, Linux laptop, iPad (even though it’s not really supposed to) and works beautifully. The battery life is good (more than 4 hours on one charge) and I can use it with any wired headphones to connect to any bluetooth device. I no longer have to worry about headphone jacks or having to carry my phone/iPad around if I want to listen to the music. It just works and it costs next to nothing so I can always replace it without even thinking about the price.

    To think of it, China is making a lot of people around the world “not poor anymore”. They may not be able to afford Apple products, for example, but they don’t really need to. Thanks to China, they can buy good products that they can pay for without overspending or going into debt and then use them to get things done. Once the emerging economies become more affluent, China will make even more money because people will have developed brand loyalty and pay for more expensive stuff. This is good. They are smart businessmen with a good strategy for the future.

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