1. Despite the smoke, I still find the views quite beautiful and striking. However, I can’t imagine how those moments feel ruined if you wake up to the smell of smoke in the air every morning.

  2. Eli! Like I said before I know you probably don’t read the comments. Why would you right. You’ve already put in your two hours for today. For some reason your videos seem to help me get through day while I’m sitting at my computer coding away. You have that snarky persona of “ if I were you I would wanna be me too”. And so yeah I paid that five bucks to get behind a pay wall. But you’ve inspired me I think to start creating content myself I just need to figure it all out. Not really to monetize on it but that would be nice if it did. I think mostly for therapy I think that’s why I watch you it’s a form of therapy. You had a couple videos sometime back when you were talking about depression and how just talking into a camera actually helps. Anyway I’ll still keep watching you because I enjoy it. Thanks.

    • Glad it helps…. I actually read all of the FN comments (There’s not that many), I just don’t respond many times if I don’t have anything to add…

      With content just start doing it and see where it leads. My advice at the very least is setup your own website and if nothing else embed your YT vids there. That way you only pay a few bucks a month for web hosting, but if YT does something stupid you have already built your fall back.

      • Yes I’ve already learned that from you. Keeping-on.com I just need to find a host in the company I just need to find a hosting company that I was going to start the videos on YT and then embed them. I just need to learn how to edit the videos a little so I upload them. I already have about weeks worth of content. Just doing about 15 min vids each morning While the kids are getting ready for school. Thanks for the advise.

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