1. Cool pre-roll! The dragon boat races are a big deal in communities that have a lot of Hmong, Lao, and Cambodians. They are part of the Water Festivul that takes place in the Mekong Delta region to celebrate the autumn harvest. Minnesota is where the U.S. resettled a large portion of the Hmong population after the Secret War in Laos. I did a lot of research on this over the years since my wife is Laotian. The races are big up here in RI and MA, as well.

  2. Sounds like you are sharpening your full bitch for a techy assault on the enemies of content creators. Glad to hear that your priority is to make content creators successful enough to pay into your Social Security future. Sorry about the black flies and mosquitoes. Enjoy the craft beer.

  3. It’s very exciting seeing how much you can do with your own platform, and at the same time so sad to see some of my friends trying to be successful on YouTube in 2018 and failing.
    Youtube has so many creators that if you are new unless you are very fortunate it doesn’t even give you much publicity, so why not have your own platform from day 1.

  4. This old slavic person once told me that he used to pick blue berries in the forest and there was an insane amount of mosquitos. He said that lavander oil is very good against mosquitos. And it smells really nice. Its probably true because in Croatia this one hotel had lots of lavendar and there where no bugs.

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