I Have three shops i need to connect to desktop as the others are doing normal works at that end with windows server 2012 r2. i only know this technology from what i saw working but i dont know how to and where to start…

  2. Enjoy your nice cold one Eli. I actually do enjoy the scenic post video footage. When you were doing drone walk videos I’d just full screen it on 1 monitor and find a nice ambient nature ASMR track to put on in the background. It’s surprisingly relaxing.

  3. Eli! I assume you are on your way back home unless you decided to extend your travel in the Wild West. I guess that’s why Texans all wear cowboy boots with big thick heels so they can crush rattlesnake heads.
    So again if you decide to take the scenic route back home and come down a little further south you should make a stop here in the hills of Brown County. I would trade you a moose drool for a spot to park your camper. I know you packed your Yeti full of it before you left.
    And no I’m not one of those crazy weirdo viewers who thinks were friends because I watch your videos. But you do seem like you would be kind of cool to hang out with for a bit. Maybe you could give me some pointers on how to launch my channel. I just have to pick a hosting company and start uploading my content I have about one weeks worth and I don’t want to get stale.
    Anyway safe travels with your little Chihuahuas. My wife prefers our Shih Tzus. Oh yeah she has a little spoiled Maltese.

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