1. Great video 😀
    I really enjoyed the part were you talked about the potato. I hate arguing with people because it’s emotionally and spiritually taxing to get them to understand the potato.

  2. Very evocative video,
    You covered a lot. The smoke. How do we continue to have a happy existence when we are smoked-in? The Prado. Yes we do overload on museum-created experience. Your theatrics on being bored in the Prado were priceless. Missing the wife. Ah, they do brighten our lives don’t they. Stay in touch while you are apart to keep her close. Not having your bear spray in bear country. “Be prepared” will always be a good motto. Living the creative life. Just remember that many of the people we associate with being highly creative were living miserable lives. I am not at all sure about your “potato” image. Some kind of magic token that is an energizing source? Be in the moment. Seek out the enchanting. Breathe the free (if somewhat smokey) air. Actually, find the free air. How about talking to some of the tourists on your videos? Be well!!!! Glad you are helping me “keep up.”

  3. Not sure if you even read the comments, but I agree on that you don’t have to passionate about what you do or what you do to pays the bills. The way I see it is if you are fairly intelligent and not lazy you make a decent living in the good ol US of A working about 2-3 hours a day and then you have the rest of day to do with what you like or if you are married what your wife likes. Right?

  4. My spouse keeps me grounded and on a straight path. It’s pretty much what you described regarding getting on each other’s nerves but we still found common ground and enjoy each other’s company. We’re eagerly awaiting a chance to take another vacation, hard to believe our last one was only 4 months ago.

    I’m also now suddenly craving potatoes.

  5. “I am so passionate about that, that I’m willing to do a bit of work every single day to continue being passionate about that” Absolutely brilliant idea. You need to do something else every day to reset your brain or else you become numb even to your greatest passions…

  6. I love hearing people speak about passion.
    It’s always the people who:

    a) profit off of the “passionate,”
    b) people who do 0% work at their job
    c) the newer people trying to figure out the industry

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