1. Oh yeah, 100,000 miles was the end for most vehicles. Floor pans? Isn’t one supposed to be able to see the road? Blue oil clouds. Life is so much better now. You nailed it on education.

  2. Born 1951. Third Roy in the line, first born in 1895. Life is damn good now. Loved the old days when everything was metal, wood, canvas, love these days when an entire backpacking outfit weighs less than the tent in 1960s did. Wonderful memories of sleeping with my cousins in the upstairs of Grannie’s ramshackle “cracker box” (Florida cracker born and bred) and using the “thunder jug” which was actually a mason jar because we couldn’t afford a real thunder jug. Her children tore that old house down and built her a nice cinder block house with heat and AC that turned on with the touch of a button. I could go on but you nailed it Eli. Wouldn’t take a million dollars for my memories and wouldn’t go back to that time for a million dollars.

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