1. I feel like Americans have the same misconceptions of Russia. They assume it’s always cold for example, but cities such as Sochi have a subtropical climate. Also a large percentage of Russians actually look Asian instead of European, plus there are over 190 ethnic groups. Russia is almost 6,000 miles across, and it’s over a 100 hour drive from Moscow to Vladivostok if you drive non-stop. Almost makes a drive from Chicago to Los Angeles seem insignificant.

  2. I’m from Chicago. I think most of the people here would agree that having a normal gun is fine. But why would any city or state need semi-automatic rifles? I don’t see the purpose. Combine them with a bump stock they are only good for mass shootings…

  3. well on my pilgrimage to ypsilanti nd named after my home town in Michigan. i cant belive the size of fargo and how wonderfully nice folks are. i laughed way to hard when a dolly wood commercial came on the tv in a motel lobby. the maid said how far is that from you? (i live about a hour from the smokey mts ) i would love to come and see the mountains and gatlinberg im like you drive 14 hours for mts and you got the rockies at your back door , your gonna be pissed , come for the traffic youll swear your in new your city.
    its all about perspective

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