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  1. I’m inclined to agree the issue is not a direct violation of freedom of speech. However, an argument can be had that the tech giants have basically grown into a giant monopoly. 2 weeks prior to the bans being issued, you had CNN, Democrat senators, and congressmen calling for him to be banned. When tech giants become an unofficial ‘private’ arm of the government, it starts to become a problem. Being guided towards Chinese style censorship and a social credit score is what has a lot of people feeling nervous about the situation. Jones was never asked to appear before Congress to defend himself when the tech giants were getting grilled during congressional hearings to lobby for silencing him where they repeated the same lies about Sandy Hook and denying the Holocaust.

    The media lies a lot about Jones. He never denied the Holocaust or that Sandy Hook didn’t happen. If anyone bothered to go find the original source clip from 2012 it’s easy enough to verify. (Oops, can’t go see what he said anymore since his YouTube channel is gone) His documentary Endgame spends a good portion talking about WWII and what the Nazi’s did as well as communist China under Mao Tse Tung. The media often does hack jobs on what he reports and mispresents it to smear his name. They’re notorious for never showing the original full-length video clips. The lawsuits thrown at him in the last 2 years have been getting tossed out because there were no legal grounds to prosecute him.

    The documentary also explains why he started selling nutraceutical based supplements. He sells a lot more than just male vitality supplements, though for whatever reason it seems to be what he’s most known for.

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