1. Canada looks great even with a little smoke in the background. Your river-side shots were refreshing. Platforms are the conduits for content. If the content provokes hateful actions by its audience then the conduit has some responsibility for that result. Also the notion of civil discourse has value to society if society is not to implode. So a platform cannot be responsible for sowing the seeds of hateful discord that lead to criminal acts. Otherwise it is complicit in those acts and is liable to those harmed. Enjoy the bacon. Canadian bacon?

  2. If you want to understand Alex Jones, it’s easier to start with his documentary from back in 2008 called Endgame. He lays everything out, the history behind what he talks about and why he fights as hard as he does.

    Draw your own conclusions when you finish the documentary, but afterward, take some time to reflect on the Obama years as well as how much Silicon Valley influence has grown in the US. Fast forward to modern day and think about how he acts now. Considering all that’s going on around us, it’s no wonder he’s become even more frantic and off the wall.

    Also, he still has his own platform and streaming service. The only thing banning him did was cause traffic to his main website to surge to record levels. Real.video is also another alternative platform to YouTube.

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