1. Eli! So as I wait for my next $0.16 video, well I guess that would be more now since you didn’t put one up yesterday. I’m sure can be hard to try to put out content every single day. So as I wait I had to go back and watch a few of your older vids.
    So I assume you don’t do Facebook because what you are describing with AirDrop sounds like Facebook reinvented. Pretty much, pretty much. Yes there are no rules or regulations for AirDrop (yet) but you can bet your ass Apple tracks that stuff. I would say the whole Apple, iPhone realm does not look like a walled garden, but that is because the walls are clear, invisible. Apple gives you the deception that you’re free to rome, but I’m sure they track and probably have most of everyone’s content on their phones regardless if we know what or not. Apple is pretty darn good at making us do what they want. Like my damn iPhone 7 doesn’t have a headphone jack so I have to go out buy a device so I can charge the phone and listen to the headphones at the same time unless I want to use Bluetooth. So eventually Apple will force me to use bluetooth headphones.
    Anyway that’s my two cents whether you wanted or not.

  2. I realize that this video is about a year old but I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot lately. So I wanted to add another idea into your model:
    In addition to the “sneaker net” what if there were content “juke boxes” placed in bars, coffee shops, etc. a creator could airdrop content and users could download it. It’s all local to the device no internet needed. This would allow for people to browse content. Also this could be an actual use case for crypto. The ledger would be held in the device and a copy in some discreet location in the building. The creators could go and collect money from the machine and it would pay them on the amount of downloads. Yeah yeah I know control c after you get the file. It’s not a perfect idea but I think there is something to it. Anyway minus the crypto stuff I do like the idea of a content jukebox. Also it was refreshing to hear someone talk about this issue head on.

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