1. The mainstream media has lied so much to people in the past it’s almost expected now. Lately, it seems like the media isn’t even trying to hide it anymore. The whole hysteria over the border and immigration separating children blew up in their face. It later came out the photos that circulated were from Obama’s presidency. To make it worse, the crying girl featured on the cover of Time magazine was never actually separated from her parents. Turns out the mother brought the child against the father’s wishes and separated the family in doing so, leaving behind 3 other children. The hypocrisy is so ironic, a simple bit of research easily uncovers the propaganda toxic spew.

    Glad to see you actually dug into approval numbers and history though, gave me a new perspective into it.

  2. I am from Europe, always nice to get an outside view on things going on here….

    Don’t worry about military spending here, we just count development aid as defense spending to jack up the numbers…..


  3. I’m from Brazil, and think the very same about an outside point of view. It is good to get some insider thoughts on the US politics. And Eli is making a lot of sense, to be honest.

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