1. I was in Africa for almost a month and did not have a chance stay up to date with Failed Normal. Today looked at the newest videos and I was really surprised…. is this the same guy? I have been following Eli for almost 2 years and I have NEVER seen him this “full of life and energy”.

    • … I haven’t logged into YouTube in 30 days..! No joke my wife has commented on how much happier I seem now… I know it seems childish to say, but YT really does eat your soul.

  2. The American elites and much of the electorate live in a parallel reality where they can’t see or hear anything except their own lies. They refuse to understand that the whole system is rotten and it got to this state during the years that should have been the best, easiest period for the US. You had several decades with no real rivals to make life hard for you and still managed to run your economy into the ground. Guess how it’s going to be now that China, Russia and Germany are no longer comatose and are working hard for their future.

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