1. Eli, I am curious why you reactivated YouTube comments ?
    I know you disabled the comments a while ago and you were very happy.
    I am looking to start a YouTube channel and I would like to hear your reason for reactivating YouTube comments if you don’t mind.

    • was wondering about the same……

      would see it as an unnecessary risk….
      some clown posts some crap, and suddenly for a stupid reason all goes to hell..

    • INSERT INTELLIGENT STATEMENT HERE: _______________________

      Blahhh… I don’t know… at the end of the day I found comments were actually only a small part of my overall issue with YouTube. If I felt Susan W. gave a damn about creators. If I understood what the hell the algorithm wants. If the algorithm stopped feeding me content designed to elicit a reaction. If half a dozen other things… then the comments wouldn’t bother me so much. My reaction to the comments is more the “straw that broke the camels back” kinda thing. They are the most obvious of the toxic crap that is YT.

      Comments are something that you can point to and anyone can get the idea. So many other issues with YT get into the meta and inside baseball stuff that are important, but are hard for outsiders to grasp.

      My problem with comments comes down to caring about YouTube. If I care about YouTube the comments are an issue. The point I give up the comments become irrelevant… at this point I just don’t care anymore. I’ll use YT as a form of advertising, but past that I’m done. Failed Normal is bringing me in a paycheck, and I enjoy what I’m doing here.

      So… yup…

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