1. I like the walkthroughs with the drone but it’s a little odd at first getting used to no voice or audio. Given the concept of showing people an environment, it makes me wish I could use this video as an animated desktop wallpaper.

    Throw on the right music and assuming you have dual screens, have a peaceful animated wallpaper to glance out while doing work. I’ve heard green is a good color for focus and creativity.

  2. silent videos sounds like a novel idea, worth to give it a try…

    regarding making money with them: maybe offer the best resolutions for download by Podbeans..maybe above 760 or so…

    Looking forward to the next walking the drone…


  3. For me, the only thing I miss on this footage, is a little bit of atmospheric background sound.
    If you want to show the world as it is, for me, only video is not enough. The world (for human) is more than visual, it is (at least) audible, too.
    For me, even if you hear some motor sound, it‘s better than hearing nothing.

    • Try some white noise. He touches on this near the end of the video as he mentions different ways people can enjoy this type of content. I personally find great relaxation and comfort from either simple white noise, or ambiance sounds whether it’s rain, nature, or the natural sound produced by common things such as a fan or industrial equipment.

  4. It’s funny, I guess you are making the _Live_ version of what books does.
    We are able to connect the train of thought of great people that died many years, decades or centuries ago.

    Thanks to that transition of ideas is that we are “Standing on the shoulders of giants”.

    The mind is a highly complicated contrast machine, so much of the time the ideas portrayed on FailedNormal were (for me) completely to contrast some bad thinking behavior in order to fix, tweak, experiment and confirm.

    About bringing nature into digital content for mostly Tech audience, seems something interesting to observe and digest. A new content diet regime. ;D

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