1. Pretty nice travel trailer setup. RIP that nice 40in TV, thankfully they’re not that expensive anymore. Friend of mine got one recently through his parents and it’s about the same size you just showed in the tour.

    I hadn’t given a lot of thought previously about the challenges that come with owning one that big. I look forward to seeing your airstream.

    • That was the most annoying part about the theft. It was a crap generic one they sell with trailers that probably cost $300 brand new. If the thieves got $50 cash for it I would be surprised.

      I brought the Airstream home yesterday and it’s great having something that is smaller. I was a able to stop at a normal gas station on the way home, then stopped at a Wawa for a sub. Obviously it’s a little more difficult to move around than the bare truck, but had no real issues.

      • What is the difference between the Sport 22FB which is only $55k and the other 20 foot airstreams which are more expensive? I think you said you got the more fancy one. Congrats.

        • fit, finish and feel… the Sports have the nice aluminum shell, but the insides are much lower quality. We looked at a 16′ sport, and it just felt crappy.

          It’s hard to explain, you really just have to walk through them.

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