1. Digital detox you say? Hmm, sounds like something we could all learn to incorporate into our lives a little more effectively. I’m quite guilty of this myself, not necessarily with YouTube (its just one thing of many) but just my time in front of a computer in general.

  2. I wanted to donate blood. I went to the transfusion center and saw that the line is to long and I decided to go back another day. 1 minute in and out. About 1 h later I sat down, opened facebook and the first thing that appeared on my screen was a post about somebody needing my exact blood type (it is a rare type).
    I contacted the person and helped them out. I feel glad for that … but the recommendation was to specific and well timed for comfort.
    This happened 4 days ago. So it was after Zuckerberg congressional hearing and after privacy policy was updated.

  3. Seems like the solution is to not feed the degradation of the YouTube platform by not watching shitty content…maybe not bailing on the platform entirely. You often talk about all these popular content creators on YT I’ve honest to God never heard of (except for Sargon of Akkad) and never gave a second thought to watching. There is plenty of good educational content (including yours) still on YouTube – some tech-related examples I watch are TED/TEDx, Coding Tech, Traversy Media, etc.

    If you’re looking for entertainment content, sure it’s largely shitty – but if you’re looking for content to make your life better, the content is there and being produced daily. For how long, who knows? But it’s there and I personally get value from it.

    Totally agree that you don’t need to be on Youtube to watch or produce good quality content – just like you don’t need to order from Amazon to get good quality products. I get that – which is why I followed you over here.

  4. Despite the overlords best attempts, social media has always been a dumpster fire… filled with an undetermined amount of aerosol cans. There are some real gems on YouTube, but you really gotta dig. Or just for Jerry Springer effect.

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